Personnel Resource Management

At Avantis Enterprises, we strive to assist our clients in developing a workforce of
personnel who perform productively, are satisfied, and contribute to the company's
success.  Our consultants will provide the client organization with the tools needed to
attract and select talent, develop careers, manage performance, retain talent, and
manage turnover.

Some of the resulting benefits to your organization include: increased productivity, ability,
and adaptability; improved connection between individual efforts and company goals;
continued commitment from employees; decreased turnover rates; increased workforce
strength; and better compatibility between employees' tasks and their skills.

Some of the benefits that your personnel will enjoy include: increased motivation and
commitment of new personnel; higher level of responsibility for career development and
management; increased knowledge of and contribution to company goals; continued
motivation and job satisfaction for long term employees; and increased awareness of
long-term opportunities and possibilities.

Good companies create a strong identification with their customers.  They create a
promise, and deliver on that promise.  Great employers do the same for their employees.  
You want the right people to choose to join your workforce in order to achieve and
sustain the results you are looking for.  We will assist in defining your work environment
and culture, which will allow you to attract the ideal employees.  Avantis consultants will
then help to create profiles of the ideal employee - the ones who will make a real
contribution to your organization.  This means not only selecting personnel with the right
skill sets, but who will also fit within your organization.  In this fashion, Avantis will help
you to:

In order to assist your employees in managing their own careers, Avantis a variety of
services aimed at career coaching and career development.  We can design integrated
career development systems and provide the tools needed to identify and asses the
specific skills and competencies that personnel must possess to succeed in your
organization.  We will also assist managers with training in skills needed to support
personnel career development.  To manage the performance of employees, we help make
the connection between personal objectives and business goals.

Employee retention is an increasingly difficult concept for companies in today's business
climate.  The cost of replacing an employee may range from 1to 3 times the employee's
annual salary, and this estimate does not include lost productivity and business, impact
on customer satisfaction and trust, decrease in morale, and loss of intellectual capital.  
Avantis consultants will assist your company to :

Effective and sustainable organizations must also anticipate the leadership and
personnel that they will need in the future.  Leaders understand the necessity to build
workforce strength through succession planning, professional development, job rotation,
and workforce planning.  Avantis will aid your organization to actuate these ideas by:

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