Organizational Performance and Efficiency

Successful business strategies begin with a true understanding of the current state of the
organization.  Consultants from Avantis will assess the client organization in order to
develop a detailed view of the organization at its present state.    The assessment is a
continual process, tracking changes in employee morale, commitment, working
environment, management practices, operation procedures, retention, and culture.  Our
assessments may include interviews and focus groups.  It is our experience that using
an objective resource for this data gathering allows employees to feel more comfortable
with giving their honest views about the organization.  This assessment will then serve
as the basis for the strategic plan to redirect and transform the business.  We will identify
specific steps for leaders to take in order to transform the organization, improve
performance, and achieve real results.

In order for any strategy to be successful, the people involved in the organization need to
have the opportunity to contribute to not only the implementation of the plan, but also to
the development.  Personnel need to understand why the organization needs change, and
how it will change.  Three-way communication throughout the organization is key for this
process to work.  This means communication traveling up, down, and across the
structure of the organization.  This includes traditional means of communicating
information, as well as more contemporary modes of communication such as interactive
briefings, town hall meetings, and online forums.

Good leaders are clear about their direction and their roles.  Successful execution of the
strategy requires commitment of personnel throughout the entire organization.  This
commitment is generated by leaders of specific departments and functions.  Avantis
offers tools and training for managers to communicate the business plan and generate
commitment throughout the company.  We will assist leaders to:

Personnel may need help managing and effecting change.  It is essential that change be
viewed as an ongoing process, allowing employees to deal more effectively with the
future and what it may bring.  Developing an agile workforce is essential to creating a
successful organization.  When employees are capable of handling change, they are able
to remain focused, functioning confidently and productively through times of change.  
Avantis consultants will provide managers and employees with the tools and techniques
necessary to manage change and build agility.

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