Leadership Development and Training

Great leaders understand the critical role they play in their organizations.  When it comes to
creating and communicating successful business plans, they know how to drive
transformation, build competitive advantage, and achieve results.  In today's business
world, it is extremely important to have the right people in the right positions.  There is little
room for error when it comes to hire or promote employees, and a greater need to develop
personnel so that they have the abilities to lead your organization.

Our leadership assessment and development services are aimed at meeting an individual
client organization's needs across all areas of expertise and all levels within the
organization.  Our methodology is proven in the assessment of managers' strengths,
weaknesses, development needs, and fit with a particular job and a particular
organizational culture.  Our assessments provide data assisting in decisions related to
selection, succession, promotion, and personnel development.

As part of the leadership coaching process, Avantis consultants will assist leaders by:

The consulting process involves building a relationship with each individual coaching
client, assessment and feedback, development planning, coaching related to that plan, and
evaluation of the process.

There are several key factors contributing to successful leadership coaching:

Avantis consultants will ensure that the leaders in your organization are developing the
specific skills needed to lead you to success.  In order to ensure this, our consultants will
devise a solution tailored to your needs, which may involve the design and implementation
of a full leadership curriculum, corporate academy, or a single development seminar.  Our
goal is to give leaders a complete and accurate picture of their performance and help them
identify strengths and areas for improvement.  Some of the topics of our leadership
curriculum include: Conflict Management, Courage, Decision Making, Delegating,
Influencing, Interpersonal Skills, Implementation Planning, Interviewing, Goal Setting,
Leading for Performance, Motivating, Performance Management and Review, Problem
Solving, Project Management, Strategic Business Planning, Strategic Thinking, and

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