About Avantis Enterprises, Inc.

At Avantis Enterprises, Inc., we specialize in three areas of management consulting:
  • organizational performance and efficiency
  • leadership development and training
  • personnel resource management
In order to improve an organization's performance, productivity, and efficiency,
consultants from Avantis Enterprises will first asses the client organization, develop a
strategy, then execute that plan and manage the change.  In the area of leadership
development, Avantis consultants will assess leadership personnel, coach the leaders,
and continue to develop leadership skills.  Personnel and resource management
consultants will assist the client organization to attract and select appropriate personnel,
to develop careers, to manage performance of personnel, to retain personnel, to manage

Avantis Enterprises, Inc. has many years of experience and consultants with proven
success in assisting client organizations with managing change and improving
leadership and productivity.  We have the ability to provide on-site assistance across the

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