Avantis Enterprises, Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in
organizational performance and efficiency, leadership development and training, and
personnel resource management.

At Avantis Enterprises, we strive for quality, effectiveness, and responsiveness to all of
our client's needs.  Working with all levels of management, we aim to solve the most
difficult and unique organizational challenges by designing an appropriate plan of action
tailored to each client individually.  Our plans address the needs of the client's
organization at all levels, and can range from simple, one-time training seminars to long
term management solutions.  All of our services are result-oriented and tailored to the
needs of your organization.  At Avantis, our goals include:
  • focusing on your management
    effectiveness needs
  • saving you time and money
  • providing cross-functional and inter-
    disciplinary movements throughout your
Our experience and commitment.
At Avantis Enterprises, we are committed to professionalism and customer satisfaction.  
This means producing measurable results and real change.  In order to achieve these
goals, we assist our clients in addressing business challenges and goals, and then
assist in developing and implementing strategies to achieve these goals.  When all is
said and done, we help you to improve the performance of your business by improving
the performance of each person within your organization.

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